The Circle of Prayer, Asia Minor 1914





The Turkish Quest

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Sowing the seeds of His sweet Word

The Shofar to Turkey needs to be heard

This is His story

This is His song

Where there were seeds sown is where we belong.


Laborers watch

Laborers pray

We know  the  harvest is ripe and we know the way.

We will not put down our guard nor take time to rest

After hearing the call of the Turkish Quest.

Note the name Birge at the top. This booklet may have belonged to my name sake, Anna Birge. She was my Grandfather’s sister. She came to join him in Smyrna, Turkey in 1914.



map in 1914Prayer Cycle


I encourage you to open Prayer Cycle for Asia Minor from 1914 and join with me in prayer for the harvest of these seeds that were planted 100 years ago throughout Turkey.

When you uproot history, everything you plant in its place becomes rootless. When you reject your heritage once, then you no longer have to own up to anything. Today you can build a mall in the place of the Alsancak Stadium because you once made the Alsancak Stadium in the place of the Panionios Stadium… Because you have systematically confiscated the possessions of minorities since 1915, and called their new owners ‘legal owners,’ now every kind of attack is allowed,”

– sports sociologist Daghan Iraq when condemnation of the stadium was first broached.

The roots are still there. We need to become aware of their presence and feed and nurture them and bring them to light with our knowledge. So lets bring life and light to these buried roots. Life and Light, dated January 1915 brings revelation on what was happening in the church in Turkey and the courageous women who were called to plant these seeds.

The booklet continues the spreading of the Word throughout a large part of the world. It should put us all on our knees. On our knees we pray, Oh Lord, and worship your Holy Name. We worship You Oh Lord! and your tremendous heart for the lost and the precious ones who set out into the feild before us and are now the cloud of witnesses that  surrounds us.  We are here, Lord,  ready and willing to say  with Isaiah, “Here am I Lord, send me.” Unlike those days of old, however, today the world has washed up on our own shores. Help us to embrace the power your Holy Spirit and carry the Gospel to our present neighbors looking unto Jesus and running with patience the race that is set before us.


Please feel free to share this tremendous light found under the darkness covered by blankets of deception.

And agree with me in prayer for an unearthing of the present day dust

as well as a watering of the roots of the Smyrna stump which extends through out the land.