In honor of my father this Glorious Easter Sunday

Is there a way of feeding you? That is my prayer.. to reach out to you with some spiritual food because there is more for you.

I feel like there are several people still here on earth that my ancestors yearn for and are asking something from me. It’s a strange commission. Their hands and hearts are reaching through the veil. They are passing the baton to me.
In this post, for Easter, I am thinking of my father, Professor Harold J. Berman.


.Dad in Ephesus

Dad with arms open in Ephesus



Not to fullfil anything that only he could do on earth, but to impart some spiritual knowledge that he knows today, since he is now face to face.

An example of this can be found in the powerful teachings of  Andrew Wommach. This is part of Andrew’s  daily devotional today, April 4, 2015;

“Millions of church people are trying to live holy lives, but they do not have a true faith in Jesus as their Savior. If they were to stand before God and He was to ask them what they had done to deserve salvation, they would immediately start recounting all their acts of holiness such as church attendance, giving receipts, etc. Regardless of how good our actions are compared to others, they always come short of the perfect standard of God.
The only response to this kind of question that would grant us entrance to heaven is to say, ‘ my only claim to salvation is faith in Jesus as my Savior.’ Let Him be the object of your faith today. He is all you need.” 

When I think of people who loved my Dad’s spiritual walk, I think they loved that he had a faith in the Savior. He knew that there is a real resurrected Christ because he was an eye witness and that was all he needed. He was fulfilled in that and we still are longing. When I went to Emory
University – to his group there ( colleagues), I felt a tremendous void. It really impacted me. It was as though what he had was unique and unattainable.

Left behind are the rest of us earnestly trying to ‘do’ something to fulfil that need. Ironically, Jesus said to Thomas, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Let’s talk about it.

With great love